Reports, Forms and Letters

Reports, Forms, Letters & Fees

The NHS does not pay for completion of reports, forms and letters (e.g. reports for insurance companies). In accordance with British Medical Association Guidelines we will ask you to pay for this service.

The practice do not do letters for first PIP claims only PIP appeals (you can request a patient summary), universal credit (you will need a sick note).

This work is not a priority for the practice and may take 3-5 weeks. You will need to put your request  in writing and hand in at reception together with any forms.

Please see the list of advertised charges.You will need to make payments when handing in your written request. Card payment only.

You will be informed by the admin team when your letter is ready to collect.

The doctors will not countersign passport applications and letters for schools.

Effective from 1st April 2018

FEES Charged to Patients for Non-NHS Services


Patient Letters (simple statement of facts)

e.g. Housing application, Fitness to travel, Letter for Immigration, Letter for College re exams


Patient Claim forms (e.g. Holiday Cancellation, Sickness Insurance claim)


Medical Examinations (where employer will not pay, or if self employed) e.g. HGV/LGV exam, PSV/Taxi exam, Pre-employment medical

If the employer will reimburse then we charge the patient and give a receipt